Unseen fees can take an unacceptably high share of your investment return. American 401k has no undisclosed fees, no advisory fee, and no asset management fee. Mutual funds are offered as retirement share class funds, those unique to a 401k, with expenses detailed by prospectus.

One-on-one employee enrollment is also included. In our experience, this is the one key area essential to a plan’s success. Unique to American 401k, we take the time to get to know your employees with personalized enrollment and attention to their retirement savings needs.

three_stoneSummary Of Fundamental Fees

There are (2) sets of expenses on a 401k including billable fees – the fees that the employer is billed for administration, and secondly, the fees experienced by participants on investments.

1. Administration Fees

  • Annual Administration Fee:  $500 + $20/participant/year
  • Installation Fee:  $250 one-time
  • Custodian Fee:  1/10th of 1% annualized custodian fee experienced by employee within investment account


ABC Technologies is establishing a new 401k.
They have 10 participants.
The annual employer administration fee would be $700.
Subtract the IRS tax credit of $350 which applies in years 1 through 3.
The net total annual employer administration fee would be $350.

Note: The IRS offers a small business tax credit for 401k, Single k, 403b, or SIMPLE startup costs.  The credit equals 50% of the cost to set up a new plan, administer it, and educate employees about the plan, up to a maximum of $500 per year for each of the first three years of operation. Details of the tax credit can be found at: 401khelpcenter.

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2. Investment Related Fees

  • Mutual Fund Expenses: Expenses per prospectus are the only investment related fees within this program.

Mutual fund expenses are detailed by prospectus and one will be provided for each fund prior to investing.  All shares as offered are retirement share classes. That is, as offered in a 401k, they have lower expense ratios than retail share classes.

  • Asset Management Fee: 0%

An important feature with this program is that we do not charge an asset management fee.

  • Advisory Fee: 0%

Another important feature with our program is that there is no advisory fee.


American 401k
Daily Administration Fee Schedule
Document Fee (Includes Trust Document & Summary Plan Description)$250
Take-over Fee for Existing plans (Set-up plan specifications and all employee data)
Note: The Installation Fee is payable in advance at plan establishment.
Annual Recordkeeping Fee (including Form 5500)$500
Fee per Eligible Participant$20
OTHER FEES (these fees are ancillary to annual fees noted above and apply only in specific situations)
IRS Determination Letter Submission Fee (applies only to individually designed plans submitted to IRS)Custom
ADP/ACP Test CorrectionsCustom
New Comparability Calculations (up to 4)$0
Plan Amendment Fees (applies only to required IRA amendments when 401k rules change)$125
Plan Termination/Transfer Fee (does not include final administrative fees)$0
Overnight Fee (applies only when reports and/or statements are requested by overnight delivery)$25
Audit Support, per hour (applies only to plans with 100+ eligible employees)$75
Brokerage Window (fee is per account, annually)$50
Annual Custodial Fee:1/10th of 1% of participant account value, annualized
Minimum Custodial Fee for 401k with under $250,000 in Plan assets$250 (total, not per participant)
*Note: The Annual Custodian Fee is assessed internally against plan assets - it is not a fee to the employer
Participant Distributions (participant notification and election forms,process distributions and prepare Form 1099-R, 1096 and 945)$50 per distribution
Loan Origination (preparation of loan documents)$100
Loan Maintenance, per year, per participant$50
Stop Payment/Returned Check Fee$25
Fees billed to the employer or employee can be changed at the Trustee discretion
*Mid Atlantic Trust Company is the custodian of American 401k