Summary Details

Daily valuation recordkeeping
Unlimited fund choices
Optional self-directed brokerage account
Transaction processing and trade settlement
Automated web based interface streamlines and
Plan Administration and Compliance
IRS-approved plan document
Annual compliance testing
Signature-ready Form 5500
Single point of contact
Client-specific contribution and distribution processing service
Quarterly and annual compliance testing
Daily execution of transactions
Plan design consulting
Customized reporting and website packages
Plan Sponsor Online Services
Plan forms online
Employee census management
Payroll file submission
Quarterly e-newsletter
Plan Participant Online Services
Daily account snapshot
On-demand web statements
On-demand transaction history
Unlimited fund transfers
Retirement planning tools, calculators
Loan modeling
Plan forms online (rollover, distribution)

Summary Of Fundamental Fees

There are (2) sets of expenses on a 401k including billable fees – the fees that the employer is billed for administration, and secondly, the fees experienced by participants on investments.

Administration Fees

  • Annual Administration Fee:  $500 + $20/participant/year
  • Installation Fee:  $250 one-time
  • Custodian Fee:  1/10th of 1% annualized custodian fee experiencd by employee within investment account


ABC Technologies is establishing a new 401k. They have 10 participants. The annual employer administration fee would be $700. Subtract the IRS tax credit of $350 which applies in years 1 through 3. The net total annual employer administration fee would be $350.

For your own custom 401k quote, just ask!

Investment Related Fees

  • Mutual Fund Expenses: Expenses per prospectus are the only investment related fees within this program.

Mutual fund expenses are detailed by prospectus and one will be provided for each fund prior to investing.  All shares as offered are retirement share classes. That is, as offered in a 401k, they have lower expense ratios than retail share classes.

  • Asset Management Fee: 0%

An important feature with this program is that we do not charge an asset management fee.

  • Advisory Fee: 0%

Another important feature with our program is that there is no advisory fee.


American 401k offers an open architecture investment platform with a menu of mutual funds from numerous fund families.  The program includes a universe of 15,000+ funds where an employer may select as many options as desired.  This array includes both active and passive (index) funds.

In addition, participants have the option to trade individual securities in a self-directed brokerage account.


American 401k utilizes an employee-friendly enrollment process where individuals receive one-on-one, in-person education at their own pace.

As the employer, you have flexibility to design the course of education including customized materials by E Mail, or hard copy kits presented to employees.

Investment guidance from your plan’s financial professional is provided at no additional cost. Employees will also benefit from a multitude of online investment tools and private assistance during their enrollment period.

  • Payroll savings calculator
  • Interactive retirement income tools
  • Morningstar portfolio designs
  • Risk assessment questionnaire
  • Ongoing investment education

The complete library of materials is included online for easy access by employees. Coupled with personalized attention, this unique approach has proven effective concerning a plan’s participation rate and overall employee satisfaction.

Payroll & Census Management

With American 401k, employers can upload census information on a monthly basis to record any employee changes that have occurred. Employers can rely on their payroll provider to seamlessly integrate contribution processing though payroll per pay period.

Retirement Planning Tools

American 401k provides employees with password protected access to their online account. From there, participants may select and change funds, rebalance accounts, model and apply for a 401k loan, generate account statements, access transaction history, download forms and much more – tasks which can otherwise be time consuming if they have to be performed in a paper environment.