Mutual Funds


An open architecture design is the most versatile investment structure for employers because:

  1. you may select any mutual funds open to 401k investing – a universe of over 15,000 choices
  2. you may design a platform of both active and passive (index) funds
  3. you are not restricted to any limit on the # of investment slots
  4. you can control the investment-related expenses overall via your selection of funds
  5. you can include a self-directed brokerage account at your discretion.

two_deckKeeping Expenses In Check

Every mutual fund has a price tag. There’s an expense ratio deducted from the fund’s returns before you receive your net return each year. These expenses are detailed by prospectus; because they are not always highly publicized, we make them transparent through up-front expense data and easy-to-read reporting.

When you consider the impact that expenses have on long-term returns, it’s easy to understand why the fund decisions are some of the most important within a 401k. We help you with research materials, giving you an in-depth view of the funds and the tools you need to make a careful evaluation of the investment lineup.

Further, we recognize that no two businesses are alike in their investment needs. So, we have constructed a program that lets you customize to your liking. You have the flexibility to select:

  • any # of funds
  • any # of fund families
  • your favorite brokerage firm for a self-directed brokerage account


We let you stay in control of all aspects of your fund selection and future changes. There is no limit on the # of funds and you may make changes at any time, free of charge.

You will also control the fund selections via an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) which is designed to guide the Investment Committee as it decides on the investment categories that will be selected and how the funds will be monitored and evaluated. An IPS can help to protect the plan’s Fiduciaries by setting out procedures for fulfilling responsibilities under ERISA 404(c).