Mission Statement

RetirementDesigns and First Financial Group are proud to support business and individual
retirement investors in their pursuit of long term financial security.

In business encounters,
our mission is to inspire all
to implement a retirement plan
where none had existed
and to advance those that do
through our foundation of
excellence and integrity.

We are environmentally responsible by reducing waste, minimizing excess printing, conserving energy, paper, and other resources. We donate time and capital to local green projects, reforestation, river cleaning, and various carbon offsets.

two_sandWhat Makes Us Different

Objectivity is our cornerstone in recommending plan design and offering suitable investment alternatives. The result is a benefits program that adds tangible value to your organization, helping you attract and retain quality employees.

Critical to our “needs-based” approach is the ability to listen and ask the right questions. To that end, we use a three step process in our overall retirement solutions:


Before we suggest an appropriate retirement program, we listen then analyze your very specific intentions. By addressing your unique interests including favored employee classes, contribution intentions and plan flexibilities, we obtain a clear understanding of your profile and future retirement needs.
We then prepare options for proposed designs consistent with your specific goals. As your design is a “work-in-progress,” study, we closely interact while you tailor the program to a suitable fit. Retirement specialists are always available to support you and your professional advisors during this
important phase.


Working closely with your company contact and record keeping team, we help coordinate the installation (or conversion) of your new retirement program. As this process can be otherwise technically challenging to the Plan sponsor, we utilize specialists in the process to help assure accuracy and efficiency. Employees appreciate our user-friendly education during plan implementation and ongoing support.


As your financial situation and retirement goals may change over time, we help you monitor your program through regular annual checkups. Reviews are scheduled upon your invitation. Our intent is to ensure that you maintain the best fit based on your growing needs.

While some organizations may be centered around investment transactions, we are proud to support our clients with a complete retirement plan solution. Our all-inclusive program covers each element of proper plan design and fiduciary review. In these ways, we remain distinguishable within the retirement plan market place.